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Fison Instruments Ltd Instrument Glasgow

Fison Instruments Ltd

Bath Street 272
G24JR Glasgow

County: Glasgow, Schottland

Telephone:0044... Show phone number7700159686 Could you reach the company? Yes No

Branche: Instrument

Company description

We supply all types of Laboratory equipment and scientific instruments for all locations at an affordable price compared to others. Buy Lab products Online at Fison.com!



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Single Beam UV-Visible Synchronous Thermal AnaStomacher Blender Stereo MicroscopeSlide Dryer Single Layer Orbital Flo Single Beam Scanning UV Scanning Electron MicroRotational Viscometer Rotary Vane Vacuum PumpRotary (Manual) MicrotomRefrigerator-Freezer ComRecirculating ChillerReciprocating HorizontalPrecision Balance Polypropylene (PP) DuctePowder characteristic maPortable pH MeterPortable NIR SpectrophotPortable Brix RefractomePortable autoclavePolarizing microscope Plant Growth ChamberPlanetary Ball Mill Oil in Water Analyzer NIR SpectrophotometerNanoparticle Size AnalyzMulti-viewing BiologicalMini Spray Dryer Mini CentrifugeMicrowave Digestion SystMicroscopic Digital CameMicroplate washer Microplate ShakerMicroplate Reader Microplate CentrifugeMetallurgical Microscope Melting Point ApparatusMeasuring microscopeManual Lifting Rotary Ev Manual Colony Counter Manifold vacuum filtratLux MeterLow Speed Refrigerated C low-speed centrifuge Low -Temperature CirculaLiquid Particle CounterLighting Incubator LCD Electric Overhead StLaser Particle Size AnalKarl Fischer titrator Inverted biological micrInternal Calibration AnaIndustrial Scale BalanceHydrogen Peroxide PlasmaHotplate Magnetic StirreHorizontal Shaking IncubHorizontal Shaking IncubHorizontal Laminar Flow Horizontal ElectrophoresHorizontal ElectrophoresHorizontal Autoclave High Speed RefrigeratedHigh Speed Dispersion HoHigh Speed Centrifuge High shear emulsifying hHeating Mantle with MagnHeating IncubatorHeating Dry BathHeat Flow Calorimeter Haze MeterHandheld Oil TesterHalogen Moisture AnalyzeFully Automatic Potentio FTIR Spectrometer Fluorescence SpectrophotFluorescence microscopeFlame PhotometerFixed Volume Pipettes FISH Hybridization SysteCube Ice Maker Ethylene Oxide SterilizeElectronic Precision BalElectronic Liquid DensitElectronic Balance Electronic Balance Electromagnetic AnalytiInternal Calibration AnaDucted Fume HoodDrying oven Double sided vertical sDouble Layer Orbital FloDouble Beam Scanning UV-Disintegration TesterDisintegration TesterDigital Ultrasonic Clean Digital MicroscopeDigital HomogenizersDigital Display Heating Differential Thermal Ana Density Meter De-staining Shaker Damp Heat Quick SterilizCytotoxic Safety CabinetCoulometric Karl FischerConstant Temperature WatColor & Haze MeterClimate IncubatorClass III Biological SafClass II B2 Biological SClass II A2 Biological S Class II Biosafety Cabi Chilling / Heating Dry Class I Biosafety CabineBiological Microscope Biochemical IncubatorBenchtop Shaking IncubatBenchtop pH MeterBenchtop Conductivity MeBenchtop Autoclave Bench Magnifier Bacti-Cinerator SterilizAutomatic Tissue Slide SAutomatic Rotary AgitatoAutomatic PotentiometricAutomatic Microtome Automatic Liquid ExtractAutomatic Chemistry AnalAuto Digital RefractometAtomic Absorption SpectrAir Jacketed CO2 Incubat4°C Blood Bank Refrig 2 to 8°C Pharmacy Re2 to 14°C Laboratory-86°C Upright Freezer-60°C Chest Freezer-40°C Upright Freeze -25°C Chest Freezer -18°C Chest Freezer Portable Wine RefractomeSpectrophotometerIncubator Microtome

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pharmaceutical stability test chamber,
pharmaceutical stability test chamber, A pharmaceutical stability test chamber, also known as stability testing chamber or stability chamber determining the shelf life, storage conditions,...

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Fison Instruments Ltd


Contactinformation of Musical company Fison Instruments Ltd from Glasgow, Schottland. Call 00447700159686 or e-mail [email protected]. Contact Fison Instruments Ltd from Glasgow they helps you with your questions concerning Musical

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