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Pie Delivery

Our website sells our 220g pie, which is a generous portion suitable for one person.
Our pies are shipped to you chilled, with 8 days shelf-life on arrival.
The pies freeze very well and must be frozen within the chilled date. These then last 6 months in the freezer. Cooking instructions are on the packaging.
The Minimum Order is £24, with £5 delivery charge. But you can have any selection of varieties chosen from our range. Free postage is available on orders over £48.
If you're Local and within 20 miles of us, Delivery is free of charge!
Minimum Order
Please be aware that we have a minimum order for delivery of £24, though these can be a mixed selection of pies e.g. choose 3 each of steak & ale, mushroom & asparagus and game pie to make up a box of 12 or 6 etc (or however many you need!). Or else choose one or two of each of 6 different flavours to make a completely mixed box!

Pie Delivery



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