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Learn Branding from Those Who Have Done it Best in Every Industry

Learn Branding from Those Who Have Done it Best in Every Industry

For those who want to start a new business or perhaps even simply take your hobby to the next level, you may have heard of branding. It is a very specific skill and an important part of launching an enterprise. There are even professionals dedicated exclusively to branding. It is a big deal for any new initiative to get right.

With so much riding on this, it is a good idea to collect as many resources as you can since you are getting started. An important resource is to look at those who have done this well already. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when there are several laying around. Here are some examples from common industries of people who have built successful brands. 

What is Branding?

Branding is, in its most basic sense, the art of connecting a product to symbols associated with a company. This could be artwork, a typography, a color scheme, or even a set of words. 

Brand recognition is a part of an overall branding strategy.  United Kingdom Business describes brand recognition as a measurement of, or a process by which, customers and potential customers recognize a company’s logo, catchphrase, or other brand elements. 

It is also the subtle work that goes into making a personality behind every company. It is not just about creating these symbolic connections, but also about letting customers know what type of business you are. For example, if you are a hotel, you can present yourself as a budget-friendly alternative or as a luxury resort where you can relax and get away from your daily concerns. Each will require different branding strategies. 

Similarly, you may want to associate certain values with your company or initiative. If you want to present yourselves first and foremost as experts, then you would use a different color scheme and types of images compared to if you wanted to present yourselves first and foremost as friendly and accessible. Both are valid, but these are things you should have clear as you get started. 

Here are the Best Brands in Top Sectors

Let’s take a look at some of those who have done it best in their respective fields. Each field will have its own demands but also its own opportunities. You will have to find your niche, and this is part of the creative work you and your brand manager will do. 

Product Reviews

Doing the correct branding for product reviews is super important. In order for the users to trust the brands you recommend, they certainly have to trust yours! This can only be done by completing thorough reviews. In essence, there is no faking it here! 

Vegas Slots Online is one example of a website that provides thorough and useful reviews. The top UK online casinos are examined and then only the best are recommended by them. They have reviewed more than 1,200 casinos where you can play the jackpot, or free online slots on desktop and mobile devices at these establishments. You can tell that these reviews are thorough and reliable if you're looking to play table games online or find a new online casino.

If you are looking to start a product review site or even channel on social media, this type of research and expertise is something you should cultivate and learn how to communicate to your public. 

Learn Branding from Those Who Have Done it Best in Every Industry

Grocery Stores

Food is such an essential part of life, so it is important that we really take care to find the right grocery store for us. Where we buy our groceries can say a lot about our personalities. 

Trader Joe’s has done a great job finding its niche. This American grocery store brands itself as a “national chain of neighborhood grocery stores.” The implication is that they will have everything you need like a giant chain, but you will feel the warmth of a neighborhood grocery store. 

They focus on having high-quality products at low prices. All of this is also wrapped up in an aquatic motif. The employees wear Hawaiian shirts, and the stores are decorated with ship paraphernalia. They want to be the fun, friendly and accessible counterpart to Whole Foods. They have done so successfully! 

Learn Branding from Those Who Have Done it Best in Every Industry



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Charity activities are also an effective way to build brands.
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