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Dataracks - Data Cabinets and Server Racks supplier

With many years of experience in the industry, Datracks offer a wide range of data cabinets and server racks to meet all data centre needs. The products we manufacture and supply are durable with a powder coated finish, and are suitable for most environments. We also provide product configuration on request and our products comes with bespoke options for a more tailored solution.

Product Services
Data cabinets and server racks to help maximise your storage.
Manage cooling and airflow issues
Utilisation of all available space.

Data Cabinets Specifications
We provide a broad range of data cabinets for 19" racks
Space saving 3 into 2 options

Server Rack Specifications
Wide range of footprints and heights
Heights of server rack include: 27u, 42u & 48u –
Footprints of server rack include: 600×600, 600×800, 800×800, 800×600, 600×1000, 600×1200, 800×1000 & 800×1200

If you are looking for data cabinets and / or server racks, our team can help you select the right product according to your requirements. For more information, contact us

Dataracks - Data Cabinets and Server Racks supplier



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