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Comfort Inn Arundel Hotel rooms Littlehampton

Comfort Inn Arundel

A27/A284 Crossbush Lyminster Road
BN177Q Littlehampton

County: West Sussex, South East

Telephone:0190... Show phone number3840840 Could you reach the company? Yes No

Branche: Hotel rooms

Company description

Comfort Inn is one of the best business and leisure hotels in Arundel. Located in West Sussex, it has easy connectivity to the local town, historical monuments like Arundel Castle, markets, countryside and events like Goodwood. Whether you are planning to visit Arundel for a business conference or to short getaway, or perhaps celebrate a special occasion, the hotel is fully equipped to cater for all customer needs.



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Comfort Inn Arundel - A Luxury Budget Hotel Opens in West Su
Located between Arundel and Littlehampton, Comfort Inn Arundel is the perfect spot along the South Coast for your hotel needs. Amir Mousavi, the owner of the Hotel, wanted to create a luxury environme...

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Comfort Inn Arundel


Contactinformation of Hotels company Comfort Inn Arundel from Littlehampton, South East. Call 01903840840 or e-mail amir@comfortinnarundel.co.uk. Contact Comfort Inn Arundel from Littlehampton they helps you with your questions concerning Hotels

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