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4 Industries From Which Savvy Business Owners Can Learn

4 Industries From Which Savvy Business Owners Can Learn

The globally connected nature of today’s modern marketplace is both a blessing and a bane for entrepreneurs and fledgling businesses looking to make a mark in their chosen industry. On the one hand, it opens up a whole world of possibilities in terms of potential new customers – but on the other, it pits you against a virtually limitless number of competitors.

In order to get ahead and stay there, it’s important to learn lessons from those who’ve already scaled the summits that you’re currently eyeing – even if they operate in a different industry altogether. Indeed, the tactics and strategies employed by companies to break new markets and get their name out there are highly transferrable from one sector to another. With that in mind, here are four industries which hold important lessons you can implement in your own business.

Video games – mobile compatibility

Did you know that the use of mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) now accounts for over half of all internet traffic? Even as far back as the beginning of 2017, mobile rivalled desktop for the amount of time people spent online, which explains why video game developers weren’t slow in releasing apps and optimizing their sites across a wide variety of devices. Indeed, the first video game apps long predate that statistic, with the hugely popular Snake game on the Nokia 6110 two full decades prior. Don’t miss out on the mobile market – make sure your site is compatible with all types of smart devices.

Hospitality – brand image 

From the famous golden arches of McDonalds to the immediately recognisable décor of the Hard Rock Café to the garlanded S of Sheraton, hospitality businesses have long been aware of the importance of image. Look to replicate that same aesthetic attraction and attention to detail with regards to your own business by standardizing your logos, typeface and brand across all of its media and marketing channels and you’ll soon cement your company in people’s minds.

Online casinos – loyalty bonuses and clubs

It’s an accepted rule of commerce that retaining customers is a more sure-fire route to success than attracting new ones, so make sure you reward loyalty and keep your fanbase coming back for more. The casino sector has this particular lesson down to a tee, from bonuses and promotions to exclusive memberships like Bombay VIP Club. What is Bombay VIP Club, we hear you ask? This invitation-only fellowship affords premium treatment and elevated betting limits to high-rollers, giving a sense of prestige and panache to their status.

Cryptocurrencies – innovation 

Have you ever been told that companies which stand still get left behind? While it’s become something of a cliché today, that doesn’t make it any less true. The emergence of Bitcoin precipitated an avalanche of new cryptocurrencies which have attempted to disrupt the traditional financial markets. Although they have enjoyed varying success, some have generated billions of dollars’ worth of revenue. It could pay enormous dividends to emulate the same derring-do and sense of adventure with your own business.

The business world offers plenty of food for thought for budding entrepreneurs looking to make it big in their chosen sector. Follow the above tips to get your company off on the right footing.

4 Industries From Which Savvy Business Owners Can Learn



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