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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Payroll Heaven is committed to Corporate and Social Responsibility ‐ creating and maintaining a positive impact on the environment, local community, clients, customers and our employees.

Payroll Heaven’s staff all work together to promote fundraising activities and community work to raise the awareness of good causes and charities. Our news feed is updated with all of these activities both in and out of the office so you can check out our news from time to time and let us know your thoughts.

If you would like to help our Corporate and Social Responsibility by joining, sponsoring or donating to our chosen charity then all of your help would be more than appreciated, email us at [email protected]

Environmental Responsibility

We are involved in Environmental Responsibility and the community around us and do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint by:

Reducing the amount of waste and recycling wherever possible. We use recycled toner and print cartridges, we don’t do any mailshot advertising and all of our invoices and payslips are emailed.

Creating a ‘paperless office’ through electronic communications and ensure that any paper used is recycled and from a sustainable source.
Reducing energy consumption throughout our office, from using energy-efficient monitors to switching our PCs and lights off at night.
Commuting to and away from the office via public transport or car-sharing.

Social Responsibility

We encourage all Payroll Heaven staff to carry out charity and volunteer work of their choice in addition to a company held events. We have a number of events planned including cycling from John o’Groats to Lands End, we are dressing up, dressing down and running marathons. We take responsibility for our environment and help others wherever possible but this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun whilst doing it.

Payroll Heaven in the Local Community

Payroll Heaven ensures that we employ staff predominantly from the local community and use the services of employment agencies and job papers that are based in the local area. We encourage our staff to travel to the office by public transport and 70% of our staff walk, cycle or get on the train which we see as a positive attempt to reduce carbon emissions.



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