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20/20 vision of Aloeride

We are a family business in Leicestershire that makes the only Soil Association Certified Organic aloe vera for horses and people. We live by healthy family values which is why, all along the path of making our aloe vera food and feed supplement, we do not compromise on a single thing. We pride ourselves on making the proven best affordable to most. This makes Aloeride exceptional amidst the mountain of products that have aloe vera on their label. Our MD Han van de Braak consulted the world-authority on aloe vera, Gastroenterologist Dr Ivan E Danhof MD PhD on a quest to make his own aloe vera product to ultimate standards possible. The processing method used for Aloeride is co-designed by this Consultant Gastroenterologist and World Renown Aloe Vera Expert. If he deems this the best way to do it, then, in our view, who is qualified to disagree? Visit https://www.aloeride.com/aloeride-aloe-vera-about-us/ to read more about us.

20/20 vision of Aloeride20/20 vision of Aloeride20/20 vision of Aloeride



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