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Artificial hedge panels are made from plastic mesh backing. Foliage is very lifelike and has the same aesthetic value as greenery. It is a wonderful alternative to real hedging and one which you won't have to wait for years to watch grow.
So you like the idea of having artificial hedge installed on your garden fence and you want to know how to use these DIY artificial 2D plastic panels to build a wonderful maintenance free 3D hedge fence.
The straightforward way to install hedge panels is to fix on to the existing surface. Use cable ties to tie the hedges onto the fence if there are some gaps to utilise. Or use galvanised masonary nails to secure the hedge panels onto the wall if the surface is a brick wall.
One way to build a hedging box is to use an exterior plywood timber frame. It needs to be outdoor treated timber and painted green with outdoor paint if it is for outdoor use. Simply staple the panels on with a staple gun once the painting is dry. Metal frames are better for letting wind pass through, and last longer. Apply chicken wire to the metal frame structure to form a mesh, use cable ties to attach the panels on.
Hedged In have a hands on team and offer design, build, manufacturer and installation advice. Visit our site for more detail www.hedgedin.co.uk. We are waiting for your call on 0161 477 7419!




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