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HP39HN Hemel Hempstead

County: Hertfordshire, East

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Branche: Waste

Company description

Waste2ES is a green technology company that empowers businesses across multiple sectors to play their part in the green energy movement with our onsite aerobic and anaerobic digesters, wastewater treatment products, and smart bin lifting solutions.

Our systems help businesses of varying sizes handle waste and recycling efficiently (and profitably). We can turn your food waste into a valuable resource by using innovative technologies like anaerobic digesters to create green energy.

Waste2ES is also Simpro Handling Equipment’s exclusive UK and Ireland distributor to help you with easy access to the industry-leading bin lifting and tipping equipment.

Recently, we tied up with Biowish Technologies to provide organic solutions for wastewater and soil treatments across the UK.

Below are our solutions that we provide across the UK to achieve Net Zero and environmentally friendly wastewater and soil treatments:

Food waste anaerobic digestion system
Food waste aerobic digestion system
Food waste depackaging system
Smart bin lifting and tipping equipments
Wastewater, FOG and soil treatments



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