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Wedding Dress ? Dream Gown

Each bride is supposed to be a celebrity star to be remembered by guests for years to come.

The wedding gown is a dream come true since every little girl is pictured in a wedding dress.

The bride should feel in the dress beautifully and extremely. This is well known by the owner

of the Perfectbride88810 Wedding Dress Studio in Suzhou – Xinzheng Zhang. In their studio for

more than 20 years, the future Misses meeting their deepest, bridal dreams. Designing,

sewing, and styling are a passion for both ladies. As they say, manual skills are a family


Perfect wedding dress
– The Wedding dress is the most important dress of every woman, it must be perfect – says

Xinzheng Zhang. – It is important to dress and not dress up, so it is important to have

professional advice. We guarantee it to our clients. Equally important is the uniqueness of

the pattern.
The personality of the Bride. Therefore, we always try to talk to the future bride to know

her expectations about the wedding dress.

Trends in wedding fashion
– This season, the variety of designs is huge. From very simple and delicate to royal, says

the owner of firstchoiceweddings.co.uk/ Andrew Fixhold – Dominate the dresses in full. The

corset and skirt separately have long since disappeared. They like to dress up to the hips

line, adhering to the body, and also the princes' type – wide, airy. In the previous season

also increased interest in short dresses. There is a dozen of us in the studio. Some of

them are universal and original. At the wedding ceremony, the bride appears in a long dress

and plays in the same short, and it happens after a single button or lock. Very trendy is

draping on dresses, hooks in the lower part of the dress and recent asymmetry at the

neckline. When it comes to extras, silver dominates, and they are Svarowski stones, beads,

and lace trimmed with silver thread.



Noble fabrics
The unique features of the creation are noble fabrics, among others. Taffeta, silk, atlases,

chests, mikado and pig iron materials. We go to trade fairs to get to know the latest trends

– says Andrew Fixhold. – We made contact with the largest wholesalers all over the world, so

we have access to the best materials and accessories needed for wedding dresses. Not every

bride wants to sew a dress. In our offer, we have a huge selection of dresses for hire, as

well as 200 models. For everything to be perfectly matched, we also dress bridesmaids and

little girls going to the wedding retinue.



Wedding Dress ? Dream Gown



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