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How to create a WordPress website for beginners

After reading this article, a technical, as well as non-technical person, can start creating a website based on WordPress easily.

The basic 3 steps to create a WordPress website are given below

  • Purchase a web hosting with the Domain name.
  • Install the WordPress.
  • Configure and setup the WordPress installation.

WordPress is a platform where you can set up a fully functional website even without knowing the line of code and without investing money.

Step 1: Purchase web hosting with the Domain name

What do you mean by Domain Name?

The domain name is the address of your WordPress website. For example, SKT Themes is the name of my company whereas www.sktthemes.org is the web address of my website.

What do you mean by web hosting?

In simple Webhosting is the space required to put different types of content for example text, audio, video, images, coding, etc on the internet.

You can with hostgator.com, Godaddy.com or Bigrock.in. But we recommend you to go with A2hosting.com.

Why A2hosting.com?

  • It offers more than 99% of server uptime.
  • Required fewer amounts to purchase the hosting.
  • Access to SSL.
  • Removes the viruses from files.
  • Awesome customer support.
  • With A2hosting.com you can purchase the web hosting as well as you can buy the domain name.

Step 2: Install WordPress

After 1st step, you have to install WordPress and then you can start creating a website on the WordPress platform. Some steps are given below for WordPress installation


With WordPress, you will get the complete guide to install and creating a website in steps.

But the quick and short guide is given below

  • Visit this link and click on download button https://wordpress.org/download/
  • After downloading you need to click on the install button.
  • Once you completed the process of installation you can access the backend of WordPress by visiting the link like www.abc.com/wp-admin
  • Once you tried to open the backend of your WordPress website you will be asked to enter the credential details. Add login and passwords

Hence you will get entered into WordPress

Step 3: Configure and set up the WordPress installation

Once you entered in WordPress dashboard you can start creating your website in no time. WordPress dashboard comes with the most essential and useful tools and plugins that will be in need while creating a website.

Do not forget to check how your website frontend looks like?

  • Install WordPress templates

WordPress has an immense number of free and paid WordPress themes. Therefore WordPress is said to be the best and simple platform to handle.  Free WordPress templates are created by the WordPress community whereas paid themes are created by third-party developers and agencies. Paid themes have more functionality as compare to a free one. Hence both types of themes are best to use.

If you want to purchase paid WordPress templates then you can check themes as SKT Themes.

But you might be trying the first time to create a website then you should go with the free themes. Choose a theme that you want and activate it.

In this simple way, you can install and active your WordPress theme to enhance the look and feel of your website.

  • Install Plugins

To install the plugin go to the WordPress dashboard and select the plugin option then click on add new button and search the plugin that you required.

  • What are WordPress plugins?

Plugins are the small piece of code that is written to extend your website's functionality level. More than 5000 plugins are available for free and paid ones which are more useful and easier.

For example

  • To create a web page without writing lots of code you can use page builder plugin
  • To enhance the security of the website you can use YoastSEO plugin
  • To keep track of website visitors you can use SEO Analytics plugin and so on.


These are the very basic step to know how to create a website in a few minutes without writing code without spending money.

How to create a WordPress website for beginners



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