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Today trends in electronic commerce

Online collaboration with offline operators

Today trends in electronic commerce


  • Online collaboration with offline operators

In a few years ago, the world's biggest Internet facilitate provider, and Warner Media, the world's biggest fun and media industry merged with a number of companies around the world. There are many industries in the world have also wanted to join and work with network services provider companies to expand their business in the worldwide. For outmoded operators, in order to elude being accepted by the network industry, Most industries to understand the building of e-commerce is very important to maintain endurance Most industries that deliberate themselves to have a brand or access advantage select to control their own e-commerce. However, if you want to survive in the market the take facility of the qualified skills and involvement of network operators, and give full play to the result of trained dissection of labor, in order to develop the chances to the achievement, you will be select to collaborate with network operators. For internet service providers, in addition to ICP (Internet content provider)

operators, which typically deliver content, even ISPs and portal sites that start with dial-up or exploration facilities have already augmented content accessibility, containing parts of e-commerce. Internet service providers, in collaboration with successful outdated operators, can improve the rewards of outdated operators ' professional organization competencies, brands, access roads and logistics warehousing for individual industries. Therefore, under the stimulus of mutual addition to enhance effectiveness, the collaboration between the Internet companies and traditional entrepreneur has become an industry trend.

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Today trends in electronic commerce



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