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How to choose the ideal packaging solutions

How to choose the ideal packaging solutions

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Bagging and packaging your products are central processes and can also influence your level of competitiveness with the goal of decreasing your production costs and improving your efficiency to provide increased output at cheaper prices. But what is the best way to achieve that? Many companies are already looking towards fully or partially automating their packaging processes to drive growth.

How to choose the ideal packaging solutions

Is it as simple as investing in the most expensive equipment or are there any other aspects that you should consider before investing in a new packaging machine? In this article, you can learn more about how to pick the ideal packaging solution for your unique needs and requirements.

Key considerations for selecting your packaging system

The first thing you need to remember is that your product and business is unique and may therefore require tailormade solutions in order for you to get the very most out of your investment. Your needs and requirements may also change more or less frequently, meaning that you will need a highly flexible packaging machine that can quickly adapt to changes in production and bagging. You should also consider the following choices:

Level of automation

Different packaging solutions can either support manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic packaging processes. Manual packaging processes may be most appropriate for smaller batch runs, testing new products and alternative designs or packaging used for a limited time.

Semi-automatic systems can create a more reliable and consistent packaging flow with easy-to-operate machinery. The combination of automatic and manual labour makes for a particularly flexible setup. Fully automated systems operate unrestricted by normal working hours and breaks. Increased productivity, efficiency and reduced costs are central keywords here.

Choice of platform

Your level of operations can also influence your choice of platform - do you need a large and full-scale packaging machine to support large scale production or is a smaller machine better? In some cases of operating with more limited production space and smaller production runs, a smaller and more compact machine might be preferable.

Bagging materials

Does your product line consist of many different products with unique bags and pouches? Many providers of packaging solutions offer a large list of premade and custom bags suited for your unique requirements. Whether you want environmentally friendly packaging or packaging with special properties, your selected supplier should be able to meet your special demands.

Conclusion - selecting packaging solutions

Many companies have already invested a lot of money and effort in revamping their production processes to allow for increased reliance on automation. From offering 24/7 productivity to avoiding potential bottlenecks and revamping manual tasks, complete automation offers many benefits for large scale production. On the other hand, manual packaging systems offer great opportunities for testing out new concepts.

Consult with your preferred provider to find your ideal packaging solution.

How to choose the ideal packaging solutions



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