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UK is being set as a Cybersecurity leader.

The Government set out these aims in its Cyber Security Export Strategy. It is a five year plan by the Government to protect people and businesses, prevent against cyber attacks and develop new security measures. The report reads: “Our vision for 2021 is that the UK is secure and resilient to cyber threats, prosperous and confident in the digital world.” The Department for International Trade predicts that exports for the UK’s cyber security market could reach £2.6 billion by 2021.

Strong data protection laws, updated recently to reflect the upcoming provisions of the GDPR, and the National Cyber Security Strategy – which outperformed all other countries – have shot the UK up the charts. This development comes at a time when latest tech trends are dropping in day by day making personal space and businesses more and more vulnerable to cyber threats. Almost everything is online now from Blockchain to personal identification adding to list of hackable personal information.

Dr Fox said “Recent events show that the UK faces a diverse range of threats from hostile state actors. So in an increasingly digital world, it’s vital that we improve our cyber capabilities, which are crucial for national security and prosperity.”

“The strategy I am publishing today will support UK companies to export our world-leading cyber security expertise, which will help strengthen our capabilities, and protect our country and our allies from those who wish us harm.”

The export strategy is an important step to help the UK’s world-leading cyber security companies reach new markets. The total connectivity state and data sharing across multiple platforms makes us vulnerable to lose personal to hackers and malicious organization like the recent case of Cambridge Analytica, where they used personal information to create psychological profiles and manipulate public opinion.

UK had been a cybersecurity leader for a while now and to extend its expertise to the world is a great move. World is connected by valuable data and hackers can easily access that data unless everyone gets behind this and puts up their shields right.

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