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Smart Tips to Have a Fun Travel Experience on Low Budget

Travelling is undoubtedly one of the best things one could do, but it is an incredibly expensive hobby. It’s not simply a case of packing your bag, and heading off to your destination, as there is so much more to consider. You will need to book somewhere to stay, you’ll have to consider the cost for transportation be it a flight, a train ride, a ferry etc. to help you commute around, and of course spending money for dining and shopping. All of this, combined with cost for additional activities like site seeing, could end up leaving you stressed about finances.

But don’t worry, we have some tips to share with you that you can use on your next trip, to carefully spend your money without compromising on being able to enjoy your trip.

1.Get a room with refrigerator/microwave

It’s appreciated that the last thing you want to think about on a trip is cooking but sorting out your own meals will help you save money for other activities. Having a refrigerator and microwave in your hostel/hotel room can be really handy for eating instant ready meals, saving you money you would have spent on eating out.

2.Check out the location of the hotel

Commuting can be quite an expensive affair while you are visiting another city or country. Thus the location of your hotel can make a significant difference to your budget. Opt for a central location where you can walk to the majority of places, or go for a hotel that is near a bus stop or subway where you can get cheap transportation with ease.

3.Carry water and snacks on the go

Roaming around can get a bit tiring and you might need to refuel at some point. This can become expensive if you are constantly buying on the go. Whether you are travelling alone or with kids, make sure that you always have a water bottle and a few snacks in your bag to save that unnecessary expenditure.

4.Don’t go for the best room

Before booking the room, just ask yourself how much time you will actually be spending in that room. For the majority of the trip you will be out exploring and will probably only need the room to sleep. So for the sake a few Intagram worthy pictures, choose a room that has a comfortable bed and some basic amenities.

5.Walk to the restaurants

Restaurants and eateries near tourist spots and popular monuments are generally over-priced because of the higher demands in those areas. By simply walking a few minutes in the opposite direction will help you find amazing food at affordable prices, as the food tastes just as good in those restaurants too.

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Smart Tips to Have a Fun Travel Experience on Low Budget



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