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4 Online Entertainment Trends to Inspire Businesses

4 Online Entertainment Trends to Inspire Businesses

The world of entertainment is constantly evolving, harnessing the latest technology and developing innovative ways to attract, retain and delight consumers. Here are four entertainment trends that can inspire businesses across all sectors.


One of the effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic was to force people to seek out at-home entertainment. Streaming services were a beneficiary of this captive audience, notably Netflix, which has around 60% of the UK market. With the post-pandemic rise in the cost-of-living, streaming platforms are seeing slower growth in subscriber numbers. This has led to the introduction of ad-supported tiers, price rises and less money spent on fresh content.

Businesses can draw inspiration from the general popularity of online streaming and its ability to engage users, as well as the need to stay agile when market conditions change.

Online casinos

Another beneficiary of the pandemic-driven at-home entertainment boom has been the online casino sector. Casinos have responded by offering a wide selection of games, different ways to bet and mobile accessibility. The sector has continued to develop in line with growing trends. These include the introduction of esports betting to casino sportsbooks and accepting cryptocurrency payments. There has also been a growth in live dealer games, such as those offered at Bombay Club, which are produced using the latest broadcasting technology to offer users an immersive and interactive casino experience.

Businesses can draw inspiration from how online casinos have developed their product to ensure users can access their content across all devices. They can also be inspired by the way in which the sector has embraced technological developments.

Personalised advertising

Entertainment companies such as Netflix have long offered users recommendations based on their viewing history. However, this is now widening to include the adverts that users are shown. By collecting data on their users, such as their online searches, marketers can hyper-target their content to appeal to a specific audience. So, for example, viewers watching the same TV programme are shown different ads. Maybe surprisingly, users are enthusiastic about the idea of personalised advertising. However, it also raises important issues surrounding privacy and data protection.

Businesses of all sectors can draw inspiration from the idea of personalising their marketing efforts to engage and target a specific audience, while also being mindful of the privacy concerns.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Finally, AI has multiple applications in the entertainment world, from filmmaking to classifying online streaming content. There is also a significant role for AI in the personalisation of content and advertising, as discussed above. The overall aim for companies is to learn as much as they can about their users so they can deliver the optimum experience, ensuring viewers can easily find what they want to watch. This, in turn, informs decisions over the types of content they spend money to create.

Businesses can draw inspiration from the sheer number of real-world uses of AI and its growing accessibility. As with the other trends discussed, they can also learn from the willingness of the entertainment sector to embrace emerging technologies to enhance the user experience and boost the bottom line.

4 Online Entertainment Trends to Inspire Businesses



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