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3 Ways to Take your Home Decor to the Next Level

3 Ways to Take your Home Decor to the Next Level

Your home is one of the most important spaces to design right – it’s the space you’ll be spending the most time, so you want it to feel like home as well as look like home. Here are our three tips to make sure your house goes from just okay to perfect!

Colour Schemes

It sounds minor but getting the right colour scheme for your home can bring it to life. You might not think that it matters if nothing matches but believe us – by using some sort of scheme or palette, you can bring your rooms together into one perfect place.

It’s worth thinking about what kind of colours you want to go for, and they can match the vibe you give each room. Looking for bold and fun? Go for bright colours! Looking for somewhere to relax? Maybe something more subtle, like pastels. If you want to build your own colour palette, try to match about five colours, and try not to go wild – work with complementary colours or gradients. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 12 colour schemes that’ll make your bedroom feel like home.

Furniture to Match

It’s not only important that your rooms are colour-coordinated, but that what you put in the rooms matches, too. You don’t want to have dining chairs set of 6 paired with a tiny table or a huge TV in a room with large windows. It’s important to plan and think about what you need so you can figure out what fits where, and how things will fit together too.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s good to have some form of seating in each room. Don’t forget the smaller things either – a few decorations, paintings, or plants here and there can brighten up your home! They’ll also help your home move from a practical space to a fun, comfortable space too, and add some character to your home.

Comfy Things Up

Your home is the place you come to after a long day at work, so you want to make sure that not only does it look good, but it’s somewhere you’re happy to spend time. That means making your home as comfy and as cosy as possible. 

You’ll definitely want the basics, like a good quality bed frame and thick blankets. But adding other things like a nice, soft rug can also help add that little extra bit of comfort and can also bring some colour and brightness to the place. For full comfort, we recommend using natural, eco-friendly materials, so you’re not only enjoying materials and décor in its natural state, but you’ve done your little bit in taking care of the world too. Win-win! If you want more advice on keeping your home eco-friendly, read here.

With these three tips, you can be sure to transform your home from just a basic living space to the sanctuary of your dreams. Make sure to enjoy personalising it and making it yours!

3 Ways to Take your Home Decor to the Next Level



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