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5 Tips for the Spring Cleaning

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Plants begin to regrow as the cold winter fades into warmer weather. Trees begin to blossom, and animals begin to venture out of their winter hideaways, as do humans. Spring is a time of change in nature, but also in our homes. It is the perfect time of year to clean and organise your home. Perhaps rearrange the furniture, tidy and organise your cupboards and wardrobes and more. If you have big cleaning plans this spring, here are some fantastic cleaning tips to help.(1) Go Green With nature going green all around you during spring, it's a great time to switch over to green cleaners. There are some fantastic cleaning products on the market that are completely natural, or you can make your own at home. Your home will be free from nasty chemicals and toxins but still beautifully clean. You may even notice an improvement in your health because of this! (2) De-clutter As we said, spring is the perfect time to clean. Reorganising your home to make it work perfectly with ever-changing situations right now, though, is a great way to de-stress. A recent study found that 84% of people asked where stressed because their home wasn't clean or organised. So, why not take the time to de-clutter and organise your home while you are cleaning. You may find that you're less stressed as a result, and that is exactly what spring cleaning is all about! (3) Make a list Whether you are reorganising a room, an entire home, or have loads of cleaning tasks you need to get done, having a list is super handy. You can tick items off your cleaning list as you go (this will give you a nice little pat on the back and keep you going). It will also help you keep track of the cleaning tasks that are needing to be done. Staying organised during spring cleaning is important, and having a list can really help. (4) Let things soakCleaning your kitchen and bathroom can be quite daunting. A great tip, though, is to use soaking time wisely. If you're removing limescale from your bathroom taps, for example, you need to soak the taps. So, while you're waiting, clean the mirror, the sink, the loo, the bath, the shower screen and the hallway! You'll be surprised how much cleaning you can get done in 10 minutes of soaking time. Suddenly that daunting cleaning task is finished, and you're having a cup of tea on the sofa! (5) Clean from top to bottom We don't just mean clean your house from top to bottom here. When you are cleaning anything, you should clean the top first and then work your way down. A bookcase, for example. If you are dusting a bookcase, start from the top. Starting from the bottom means the dust you remove from the top can land back on the bottom shelves, and you'll have to start all over again!We hope these spring cleaning tips have helped you clean your home beautifully. Cleaning Express offers its spring cleaning services throughout the year. They are perfect for making your home the perfect space for your family. Thier spring and deep cleaning services are always tailored to suit you and your needs.

5 Tips for the Spring Cleaning



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