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Why Big Tech Stocks Boomed in the Pandemic

Why Big Tech Stocks Boomed in the Pandemic

It is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted many sectors and the general way of life. Despite the year starting terribly, the big tech stock shares bounced back quite fast. They have grown steadily in the wake of the pandemic defying the expectations of many.

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Reasons Why Big Tech Stocks Boomed Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Increased Reliance on Technology

The five top tech companies, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple, became among the most required services during the pandemic. When millions of people were forced to work from home, the virtual world became the ordinary world. Board meetings, family gatherings, school, and social gatherings were all cut.

Any app that could satisfy communication needs became an essential service. Taking advantage of the potential for making it big in the market, every tech company created and launched online meeting platforms to tackle the needs. Microsoft added Teams, and Facebook came up with Rooms.

E-Commerce and Online Shopping

E-Commerce and Online Shopping

Many retail stores were forced to remain closed for the better part of the year. For Amazon, this was time for its most significant growth yet. Apart from many stores being closed, there was also the restriction of movement. For a company like Amazon, the demand for its services was overwhelming. It was forced to hire more employees to cater to the number of customers adequately. This happened as other companies were laying employees off.

The Increase in Demand for Devices

For a company like Apple, the demand for its devices soared as many people were forced to stay home. A family with several school-going children and working parents were forced to add more devices to cater for everyone’s needs. The devices were no longer for work and communication but as entertainment spots as well. Like other big techs, the demand for devices fell at the onset of the pandemic but then rose steadily for the rest of the year.

Digital Entertainment Channels

With more people online, Google had increased traffic. Its youtube channels became an advertising ground and a place for people to showcase talents and share information. Alphabet recorded $ 37.10 billion in revenue in an increase from $33:80 billion the previous year. Youtube ads grew by 32%.


The tech world became a haven for every other industry as businesses and service delivery shifted online. The big techs added a combined total of $163 billion value to the market during the pandemic. For the next few years, this trend might continue as things get back to normal. The reliance on technology may not end anytime soon.

Through social media or e-commerce, many have learned technology is increasingly becoming essential. But with the continued reliance on technology, their growth is imminent. The importance of the big tech companies is now evident, and their growth during the pandemic is an indication of which stocks you should consider investing in.

Why Big Tech Stocks Boomed in the Pandemic



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A good article, a good book can change the fate of many people. Thank you for your sharing, it has opened up many ideas in me, so that I can learn more about many valuable things.
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Covid19 has disrupted many businesses in different business sectors. There are a lot of big tech companies that have boomed so much in the pandemic covid-19. The ecommerce industry has boomed so much. Consumers buy things online now. It is a great way of shopping online.
Posted on: 28-09-2021 09:29

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