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3 KPIs Call Centre Service Providers Track for High Productivity

Right now, it is vitally important to handle customer service department properly. It is because if customers are gratified with the manner that an organization copes with service requests, they are probably going to stay with the brand for ages. This essentially means smooth business development.

With time, assumptions related to customer service have expanded like never before. This is so because customers these days look for the quick response and on-request solutions. Living up to customers’ developing desires isn't simple, hence, entrepreneurs avail customer care services from established call centre service providers.

Reputed call centre service providers track a few KPIs to match customer desires. KPIs are very important for call centres in UK. Plus, KPIs exhibit the performance of a particular division or service agent. All in all, KPIs show how viably tasks are being done.

Here are the 3 significant KPIs that call centre service providers track to keep the efficiency levels high, so have a look:

1.    Average call transfer rate

By and large, organizations avail call centre service from reputed vendors so that service requests can be handled in an apt manner. To meet client expectations, call centre service providers instruct their service agents to put a valiant effort while attending customer calls.

In some cases, call handing reps have to move calls to another division. The reason behind this could be anything like unavailability of required data, the call is connected to the wrong department, etc.

To keep the CSAT score high, customer calls shouldn’t be transferred superfluously. This is significant as 89% of customers get goaded when they need to discuss the same issue to different agents. Unnecessary call transfers lead to the delivery of poor service experience, which could result in bad brand recognition.

Therefore, call centre service providers track KPI named as ‘Average call transfer rate.’ If this KPI indicates a high rate, it basically implies customer calls aren't being dealt appropriately or vice versa.

To decrease the number of transferred calls to an enormous degree, few strategies are employed like the IVR system gets regular maintenance check, the knowledge base is kept updated, etc.

2.    Average speed of answer

Another vital KPI that call centre service providers track intently is 'Average speed of answer.' Through this KPI, the average time is checked that service agents has taken to answer customer calls.

Keeping a tab on this KPI is significant because if customer calls don’t get responded within a particular time frame, the issue of high call abandonment rate is likely to emerge. The matter of fact is 82% of customers decide to leave the brand when they don’t get an instant response to their calls.

To give customers a quick response, these measures are employed:

  • Top-notch training is provided to call handling agents.
  • Long calls are recorded with the goal to discover issues consuming more than enough time to be resolved. After this, necessary actions are taken to reduce the resolution time.
  • Survey results are checked to find out the hidden errors.

3.    Customer satisfaction (CSAT) score

In today’s customer-oriented time period, rendering unparalleled support service is important for the sake of improving business growth. This is so because if customers are content with the quality of products and services, they stay with the brand for ages. Additionally, there is a likelihood happy customers urge their friends to join the brand. This can unquestionably open many more new possibilities.

That is why prestigious call centre service providers are approached to handle customers’ queries. To know whether services are being delivered according to customers' desires or not, the KPI gets tracked is ‘Customer satisfaction score.'

Keeping a close eye on the CSAT score is vital because if customers aren't placated with the support service, the problem of high turnover can arise at any time.

What's more, the previously mentioned KPIs are also tracked with the aim to keep the CSAT score stable. After being acquainted with this, there should be no more inquiries with respect to why call centre service providers give more preference to the CSAT score than other crucial KPIs.

3 KPIs Call Centre Service Providers Track for High Productivity



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