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Classified Ads - Here to Stay

Classified Ads - Here to Stay

In today's internet heavy world, it's easy to think that classified ads are a thing of the past. However, this assumption couldn't be further from the truth. With auction sites, dating apps, marketplaces and every other variable popping up in some bespoke format, for many, hitting a classified ads website presents a break from the new, and a chance to get back to good old buying, selling and browsing for services.

For most people browsing a classifieds site, the reason that they are there is because they favour the old 'one on one' method of communicating. If someone needs a cleaner in their office, rather than go through an agency, they can simply write an advertisement, place it online, and very often, without any cost. If they need a new car, they can beat the bidding wars that are associated with real or online auctions, make a fair offer, and turn up in person to see the car without having to make a commitment that is legally bindind with a bid. But there are also geographic benefits to classified ads sites; geneally, they are able to cater to someone's locality in a way that no other sales or buying platform can. Go to an online auction, and you'll have to sift through listings to find one near you. Not with classifieds. Hit the 'postcode search' button and all results are filtered down to the ones that matter to your area. Lost a cat? The classifieds present an ideal way to reach out to local residents, and once again, this is nearly always free of charge.

In an online world awash with crazes and fads that come in all manner of apps and websites, classified ads have proven to be a mainstay with those who want to get back to the old, honest ways of buying and selling to like minded people. There's no shill bidding to worry about. No extortionate agency fees. Just a platform to get down to the nitty gritty, find what we're looking for and enjoy a more basic, honest experience.

Classified Ads - Here to Stay



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